1Pc esportes antiderrapante compressão de comprimento total perna mangas panturrilha shin splint suporte proteger para basquete alívio dor e recuperação

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Package include:
 1 Piece * Compression Leg Sleeves (Not a pair)

Notes: This is for 1 piece, can fit both right and left leg.

Size Chart:
M---Top Width: 33-41cm / 13-16inch
         Bottom Width: 17-25cm / 6.6-9.8inch
         Length: 52cm / 7.87inch
         Suit for Weight: 45-65kg
L---Top Width: 35-43cm / 13.7-16.9inch
       Bottom Width: 19-27cm / 7.4-10.6inch
       Length: 53cm /  20.5inch 
       Suit for Weight: 65-75kg
XL---Top Width: 37-45cm / 14.5-17.7inch
          Bottom Width: 21-29cm / 8.2-11.4inch
          Length: 54cm /  21.2inch
          Suit for Weight: 75-100kg

Notes: Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

 1. Brand: SPOSAFE
 2. Name: Leg Sleeves
 3. Material: 75% Lycra and 25% Spandex 
 4. Color: Black, White, Red, Blue, Green,  Orange
 5. Weight: 50g Per Piece
 6. Size: M,L,XL
 7. Suit for: Adult Men and Women
 8. Applicable Scene: Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Golf, Climbing, Mountaineering, Hiking, Cycling, Running,Weight Lifting, Sports Fitness and so on
 9. Due to various monitors and lighting conditions, colors may be slightly different from listed photos

 1. Reduce pain from shin splints.
 2. Recover faster after your run.
 3. Reduce muscle fatigue during your run.
 4. Especially helpful for atheletes and others who work on their feet all day.
 5. Protects from minor scratches, knocks.
 6. Boosts blood circulation and helps you recover faster.

 1. Use as active and recovery sleeves: compression sleeves may be used as both active and recovery sleeves. When used while running, the graduated compression reduces muscle vibration, which in turn reduces muscle fatigue. When used as a recovery sleeve, the increase in blood flow helps oxygen starved muscles recover much faster than normal.
 2. Material: The compression Sleeve is made from a lightweight mix of 25% Spandex and 75% Lycra. The Spandex has superior compression characteristics for maintaining firm pressure on the calves. The Lycra allows air to circulate to the skin, while at the same time allowing moisture to wick out. Produced on state-of-the-art looms, compression sleeves are flawless from top to bottom.
 3. Helps shin splints and prevents injuries:
 Runners are prone to lots of common inflammation injuries. Using the CFR compression sleeves will help you get relief from shin splints pain and prevent further injuries. They offer true graduated compression. This ensures increased blood transport to muscles over the entire length of the sleeve.
 4. Scope of application: Suitable for football, running, tennis, volleyball, badminton, tennis, Gym, Crossfit etc. Best partner for sports!
 5. Check your best knee brace size: Provides the Best Support for Both Men & Women - Please Check Listing Images for Sizing Chart. Choose from 3 sizes for your best fit by measuring the leg circumference.